Monday, November 7, 2011

Days 3 & 4: 52 Days of Christmas

Hey guys! I've missed two days because of my hectic schedule, so this post will have 20 and my next post will have 20! I'm trying to find things for this post that don't cost as much..... I know Day 2 had some pretty pricey stuff.

Day 3:

21. Everybody loves gift cards (or at least I do!). I mostly get clothing gift cards, but this year I've asked for some Amazon Gift Cards as well. I can buy so many things on Amazon at ridiculously low prices... I love it!

22. I think Christmas should be about spending time with family, not about how many gifts you get. So, these next two items I think provide that quality time. Make a family some cookies, brownies, muffins.... something baked from scratch (because it's always better than boxed....). Send it to them in a decorative basket with a Christmas card.

23. Make a movie gift basket. Again, fill a decorative basket with yummy treats like cookies, brownies, muffins, popcorn, candy- whatever you and your family want. Then include a few movies (family friendly, mind you! Christmas movies are always good...), and a Christmas card.

24. Get someone tickets to their favorite thing (it can be like a little present for yourself too....). I've been wanting to go see a play at Playhouse in the Park in Cincinnati, and I'm hoping for some tickets to that! But whatever it is, they will enjoy it, and you get to tag along!

25. I really like this next one: Family Conversation Tabletopics. It's a great gift to give to another family, or even to your own!

26. I feel like this next gift is a great one for any woman/girl. I especially noticed how important it was to talk about this issue after some of my sorority sisters shared very personal issues at our retreat this weekend. Buy something from m.powerment line by mark. (by Avon). I personally like this mark Power of Change Necklace, but there are several different items to choose from. To have a more personal shopping experience & help, find a mark rep. My website is , but feel free to search around.

27. Have someone who loves board games? Buy them the Anti-Monopoly Game (a twist on the original Monopoly board game...) or one of my favorites, Apples to Apples.

28. This is perfect for girls who are into beauty, make up, spa's... things of that sort.. Facial Steamer Spa.

29. Again with the beauty girls... All-Natural Spa Day Kit.

30. This is another gift I'm thinking about getting my cousin (because I secretly want it & I can borrow it....!!) Eye Candy Book.

Day 4:

31. Every time I find myself in a hotel, getting ready to leave- I realize I can't pack my hair straightener because it's still too hot & it will ruin my clothing. This, my friends, is the solution! Hotty Hoody.

32. This is really big amongst the guys on my college campus... I'm not entirely sure why, but since they seem to be popular- I decided to add them on here: LED Neon Flashing Shoelaces.

33. I always want to listen to my iPod while I'm taking a shower (yes, I'm one of those people who sings in the shower even though I know I don't sound good!), but I'm always afraid the steam will damage it. I have found a solution: iPod/MP3 Shower Radio. It even has a mirror!

34. Know someone who is always needing to charge their phone, iPod, or other electronics? This Portable Charging Mat seems to be pretty popular.

35. Know someone who's earned a lot of medals, pins, awards, etc? Give them a way to cherish those forever & show them off with the Pin Display Case.

36. Give someone a keepsake with an inspiring message. Recently my mom bought me a stone heart in a gorgeous teal color- and every time I look at it, it reminds me everything will be ok & just take one day at a time. With these, you can add a message too: Heart Sentiment Stones.

37. In case you haven't figured it out yet, I love making things & I love crafts. If you know someone like that (who also likes candles) they would enjoy this gift: H2O Instant Water Candle Kit.

38. I seriously need one of these to get me out of bed on time! I'm sure you know somebody with the same problem.... Clocky.

39. I don't know why, but I've always wanted something like this. I think it would be a nice gift for any young girl: Engraved Birthstone Heart Charm Pendant.

40. I am always finding myself wishing I had one of these instead of a robe. Robes just feel to big & bulky! Waffle Weave Towel Wrap.

As an extra here.... I thought this was kind of funny (and in no way am I suggesting you give this as a gift- unless you really wanted to that is...) Rocking Buns Exerciser.

That's all for tonight! Hope everyone has had a great start to the week!

-Jessica ♥(:

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 2: 52 Days of Christmas

Hello readers! I don't have a lot of time today... I have a sociology paper due tomorrow, and a weekend retreat to get to with my Kappa Delta sisters!! While I am so excited, I feel so pressed for time. These next ten items are more geared for teens. So, without further delay......

11. Have a creative one? This is pretty cool, and will keep ideas coming: Yudu Screen Printing Starter Kit. This gift is pricey, but who said everyone needs a ton of gifts? Give something they'll enjoy and 20 more gifts won't matter (or shouldn't.....)

12. Have one who won't put their iPod down? Here are two things to give them: Alarm Clock Docking Station, and Headphones. The alarm clock is great for when friends are over & they want to listen to music, or when you've decided that child has just got to clean their room! The headphones (NOT earbuds) are stylish, and are much healthier for their ears. More and more people are losing good hearing & developing problems because of the smaller earbuds, and this will help minimize the damage.

13. Teen girls love perfume. They love ones that come in sweet bottles too. Try Harajuku Lovers Perfume. I got one of these from my mom last Christmas, and I can't stop wearing it... shop around for some scents before buying one to make sure it will fit her just right.

14. What girl could resist OPI Nail Polish?? Not me! Sephora by OPI 18 Piece Mini-Set.

15. Got a gamer on your list? My brothers would die for this chair! While it is again on the pricey side, a few less presents won't hurt them: Game Chair.

16. I have a brother obsessed with LEGOs, and this is perfect for someone a little older (not necessarily a "teen" gift, but thought I'd throw it in here anyways). LEGO Architecture Set.

17. People are all about customizing their sneakers now... it's a way of expressing themselves. And while I know if we buy them sneakers, we don't exactly want them to write on them.... but if they are going to- let's not let it happen with sharpies! Sneaker Customization Kit.

18. I may have to get this for my cousin, who recently started liking Hello Kitty! This is just cute and a lot of girls are asking for make up at Christmas time.... Hello Kitty Cosmetics.

19. Have a Glee Fan (don't we all?!)... Glee Game Board.

20. And last but not least, Air Hogs Hawk Eye Channel A. Guys and their toys.....

 -Jessica ♥(:

Thursday, November 3, 2011

52 Days of Christmas

Yes, I know- it's not even Thanksgiving yet.... BUT, there is nothing I dread more than Christmas shopping! It is so hard to shop for an entire family, especially the guys. Not to mention everything you're buying for your female cousins is something you secretly want for yourself. And all the Secret Santa parties? We don't really think of  how big our shopping list really is, until it's 5 days 'till Christmas and half of our list still needs presents. So why not start early and have time to actually enjoy this holiday?

Each day I'll post 10 Christmas gift ideas (that is 520 gifts.... surely that covers your list??!)

1. Have a young daughter/tween? Make (notice you don't even have BUY!!) a 365 Daily Reminders for my Daughter jar. Sound silly? Kind of... but might I remind you that at this age things start becoming harder, especially for girls- and if there is one thing they want to hear (even if they don't want to ask), is something from her mother. Yes, they still adore you. Fill the jar with 365 small pieces of paper containing notes of love, hope, reminders, appreciation, etc. On a bad day, that note could brighten it up. Decorate the jar with images of some of your daughters favorite things.

2. Again for a young daughter, buy (or make) a mother/daughter journal. I had one of these with my mom when I was about 8 or 9, and we bonded so much. We could express and talk about anything with each other. There are many kinds each with something to offer. One I recently saw & really liked was called "Just Mom and Me" (on Amazon). Fish around on the internet or go to a bookstore like Joseph Beth (they also have a Just Dad and Me book).

3. Have a picky eater? Make it more fun with a Construction Eating Kit.

4. Maybe you have someone who is really into nature and habitats you can keep at home (specifically frogs...)? Get them Planet Frog. It is a live frog habitat, break resistant, escape proof rain forest environment with a pond, plastic plants and rock cavern. I do believe you have to buy tadpoles to accompany it (although this website comes with coupons for a specific type of tadpole I think).

5. This next gift I am thinking about possibly getting for my mom or my aunt. If you knew them, you'd appreciate this title- I Hate Everything book. The author is hilarious! Share this with your best friend, mom, dad, brother, sister.... this could really be a present for anybody.

6. Buy your best friend a Chick Flick Kit. This is something I totally want.......

7. Know someone on your list that's in college? They'll appreciate this (trust me!). $5 A Meal College Cookbook. Until you've eaten ramen noodles everyday, you'll never understand this desire!

8. I don't know that this is a really a good gift.... but it's pretty cool, and I know at least 10 college aged guys who wouldn't mind getting one- Color-Changing Shower Head. I know it sounds kind of lame.. but hey, you never know!

9. Get mom or grandma something they'll cherish... Personalized Photo Throw Blanket. The one on the link is in the $70- $80 range... but I do believe I saw something similar available at WalMart.

10. Again, a present for a little girl (I don't know why I'm finding so many little girl things tonight......). This looks like it could be fun (maybe she can use it at a sleep over- who knows?) and you don't really want to buy a 9 year old make up.... Get her a Spa Science Kit.

Well... that's all for tonight... more tomorrow!

Happy Shopping.... whenever you get around to it ..

-Jessica ♥(:

Get Healthy Hair

Healthy hair is something all girls yearn for. When we damage our hair, it can be hard to go from drab to fab.....

BUT, with these tips, you can get your healthy strands back sooner. I had become a heat tool fanatic. For almost two years I used heat styling everyday to fix my hair, and let me tell you, the outcome was no longer pretty! I had split ends that went all the way up to my roots, my hair broke off, and it wasn't shiny or bouncy anymore- it was dry, frizzy, and unfixable. It looked like a total wreck.

I decided I had to stop doing anything to it at all (which for me, is unheard of). There was a time where I wouldn't step one foot out the door without having my hair completely fixed or without make up on. Being in college- I had to lower my standards a little.

1. LAY OFF THE HEAT TOOLS!! This is only making your hair worse. While it may seem to help it and manage it during the day, by night you've ruined it even more and lessened the chances of an easy recovery. This includes hair blow dryers, hair straighteners, curling irons, etc. Whatever your natural hair texture is- rock it! When all else fails, there are headbands (which I ended up using 6 out of 7 days of the week), hats, ponytails, and head scarves. Have fun with your natural texture, and learn new ways to style your hair. You may be surprised and end up liking your natural hair more than your heat styled 'do.

2. LAY OFF THE PRODUCT. This, like heat, is only creating more problems. Product to fix your natural hair is great, but using product you don't really need just causes more damage. Have curly or wavy hair? Use a mousse or texturizing spray & scrunch. If it's a rainy day or very humid, use a LITTLE bit of hairspray- don't over do it... it's not prom. Naturally straight hair? Try some texturizing spray. Hairspray isn't really necessary for your entire head (for any type of hair!). Use an extra toothbrush or small toothed comb and spray it with hairspray, then run it through your roots to tame fly aways. For each hair type google ways to fix your hair with the least amount of product possible (seventeen magazine always has different style tips). This will give your hair room to breathe and strengthen itself.

3. SKIP WASHING DAILY. Take a day of the weekend off. Washing your hair everyday can strip it of natural oils, which are good for your hair. This makes it dull and lifeless. Try a dry shampoo on those days and wear a cute hat or pull it up on a sleek bun.

4. HOT OIL TREATMENT!! This works wonders on hair. Use a hot oil treatment (Like V05's) once a week for about a month or two depending on how damaged your hair is. This will help put natural oils back into it & make it stronger, bouncy and shiny again.

While this is a short list (because I'm totally running out of time to turn a test in!!!!), it is a basic guideline that will help you get your hair back to normal (or even better!). When I have time, I'll post a full guide, including some products/brands to try. As a last tip: once you've regained your bouncy, shiny, healthy and totally gorgeous locks again, don't go back to daily heat styling- it will only make you return to hair therapy. Instead, try using heat styling tools (yes, including the hairdryer) only once or twice a week... and  be sure to use a heat protectant each time!

shiny hair

Good luck!

Jessica ♥(:

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wanna Make a Word Cloud??

Yeah, that sounds kinda lame... but it's a great way to get to know the people around you and find yourself again! This was one of my assignments from my Business Writing class, and I've learned a lot about my peers, and they've learned a lot about me. Seeing the similarities and differences in people are always cool, and you might be surprised what you find/remember about yourself. Make this (if you homeschool) an assignment for your kids, or even do it just for fun. The website is free, and it's so easy to work with!

To try it out:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the "Create" tab
  3. Under the heading "Words" click load, and type in all the words that describe yourself
  4. Then get creative and change the shape, color, theme, layout, etc. (most of the content is free- but there are some "pro" content. The free stuff is really all you need!)
  5. IF you want, you can save it to your computer, and print it out, or share it on the web..
Here is the one I made for my assignment: 

As I was typing this, I also thought it could be a good tool for some vocab lessons? What do you think?
Got to get back to homework now, but I thought I'd try to squeeze in a little blogging time! If you do try it out, what did you use it for? Did you like it?

Happy blogging everyone!

- Jessica  ♥